'Draw your dream' art workshops

mythical canvas draw your dream art workshops

Our belief is that there are ‘no mistakes in art’ and that a fear of making mistakes can hold us back from achieving our goals. This led to us launching Mythical Canvas ‘Draw your dream’ art workshops for primary school children. Our founder has over 5 years of experience as a primary school teacher and this has always been his ethos since a young age as it helped him through his journey.
Our art workshops aim to promote the belief that there are no mistakes and only learning opportunities for children whilst being creative. Our overall goal is to support children in discussing and expressing their dreams and inspirations through the use of art, boosting their self-confidence. Thankfully, we have been awarded funding by Lewisham Council to support the delivery of our workshops in our local community of Bellingham/Catford. We're excited to deliver our art workshops to children across the UK.
Each workshop focuses on the passions and dreams of each child. In the workshops, children will get to discuss, act out, draw and present their designs on a worksheet and t-shirt that they can keep, linked to their dreams and inspirations. In one of our workshops, there is the option to choose an ‘artist focus’, with the aim to engage each child, whilst helping you achieve national curriculum outcomes.
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mythical canvas draw your dream workshop dreams discoverer

Dreams Discoverer

Discover and explore the incredible dreams of each child in our 'Dreams Discoverer' workshop. There will be confidence boosting exercises and the opportunity for children to get creative and draw their dream. Find out more!
mythical canvas draw your dream workshop aspirations adventurer

Aspirations Adventurer

Art and drama are combined in this workshop, bringing the amazing dreams of each child to life. With a deeper focus on the dreams and aspirations of each child, children can go on a creative adventure, taking part in a design showcase! Find out more!
mythical canvas draw your dream workshop courageous creative

Courageous Creative

This creative workshop introduces a focus on an inspirational artist of choice, who followed their dreams. We encourage children to be courageous with their artwork and dreams, remembering that there are 'no mistakes in art'. Find out more!

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