child drawing

At Mythical Canvas, our mission has always been to give creative opportunities to as many children as possible. By having a creative outlet, we believe that it enables children to express themselves, which can help to boost their confidence so they pursue their dreams in the future. 

We have decided to use 10% of every Mythical Canvas purchase to go towards us providing art packs for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. This is to ensure all children have the same opportunities to be creative through art. Our art packs will include activities related to dreams and aspirations, and building resilience.

The children we support will be from a range of backgrounds, such as looked after children, young carers and more. To implement this we will be working closely with dedicated organisations and charities.

We want to positively influence as many children as possible, and believe the initial step in doing this is through our art packs. By supporting us, we will be able to support them; therefore supporting a brighter future for all children. Follow our journey and check out our updates to see the impact you have helped create.


No mistakes in art.