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Looking for a brand to help develop your child’s creativity and boost their confidence in a fun way? Then look no further! With their incredible imagination and our fantastic fabric pens, children can bring their designs to life with Mythical Canvas plimsoll packs. Our aim is to encourage the freedom to be creative so children realise there are 'no mistakes in art', boosting their confidence so they pursue their dreams...

"No mistakes in art"


"Create your reality"


The Mythical Movement

“Being exposed to art from a young age helped my development as a kid and I want to give other kids that opportunity. With Mythical Canvas I want to encourage other kids to use their imagination and feel free to be creative, realising that there are 'no mistakes in art'. Fear of making mistakes can hold us back from going for and achieving our dreams, so I aim to promote the belief that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. I designed the Mythical plimsolls because I believe it will be a great canvas for kids to create and showcase their own amazing art, and be proud of it. I wish to inspire kids to follow their dreams and have the self-confidence to believe that they can create their reality.”
DC, Founder