About us

Hey! We’re Mythical Canvas, the revolutionary brand that allows kids to customise and bring drawings to life on our canvas shoes. With Mythical Canvas, kids can use their incredible imagination to customise a special pair of canvas shoes with vibrant, colourful designs, bringing their drawings to life. Through art, we can inspire kids to follow their dreams and have the self-confidence to create their reality. 
Designed by the company founder David, who is also a primary school teacher, Mythical Canvas was born as a result of his passion for kids to feel free to be creative. Having this ethos and being exposed to art from a young age helped his development and he wants to give kids the same opportunity. We’re starting a No Mistakes in Art movement, believing that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities and that they are key to growth. Join us on our journey.
Your kids will love the Mythical Canvas Combo Pack, which includes a pair of white canvas plimsolls with changeable straps (extra straps are provided), fabric pens and stencils. We love seeing all of your kids’ creative designs and encourage them to customise their plimsolls with the pens provided and share pictures of their artwork with #mythicalcanvas. Keep having fun being creative and remember… there are no mistakes in art!