Activity Sheets

draw your dream activity sheet

What are the dreams of your child?

A daring deep sea diver exploring the depths of the bottomless ocean? Or an awesome astronaut journeying to wondrous outer space? Whatever your child's amazing dreams are, our downloadable art activity sheets are here for them to visualise and draw their dreams are for the future.
At Mythical Canvas we are dedicated to the belief that every child’s dream is within reach. A mantra taught to our founder by his own art teacher, ‘there are no mistakes in art’, helped boost his confidence throughout his life. This ‘no mistakes in art’ mindset is our foundation in assisting children to try new things, take risks and trust in their imagination. We ultimately want to boost children’s confidence to believe they can achieve their dreams, whilst having fun enjoying their personal journey.

Our art activity sheets encourage children to think big and dream bigger for their future. The sheets allow for each child to personalize their experience, by writing about and drawing themselves in their dream for the future. Let them be inspired by the amazing illustrated dream examples skillfully created by Chiara Celini and complete the various dream-linked activities designed to incite their thinking.
Look out for our fabulous giveaways (all details on the activity sheets), lucky winners will receive our plimsoll packs that include our vibrant fabric pens and stencils. So have fun as a family, get creative and remember to take loads of pictures. We would LOVE to see your finished designs.