5 reasons kids love to customise canvas shoes

5 reasons kids love to customise canvas shoes mythical canvas
Kids are more than just numbers, they're individuals!
They have their own personalities and style. And just like adults, kids are constantly looking for ways to express themselves.
At Mythical Canvas, we believe it's important that every child can do this, and why we created Mythical Canvas Shoes as a base to design your own shoes.
When kids customise canvas shoes, they feel like it's theirs. They can make it as simple or as complicated as they want to. Allowing them to show off their personality and aspirations to the world.
Like us, kids like the sense of accomplishment they get from making something independently. When they customise canvas shoes, it also helps them develop skills that will benefit them in the future, such as creativity, planning and problem-solving.
Mythical Canvas shoes are easy for kids to put on, and a great way to create custom shoes that are not on the high street !
Let’s see the 5 reasons kids love to customise canvas shoes

#1 Kids love creating their own designs to customise canvas shoes

When it comes to Mythical Canvas shoes, the imagination is where the magic happens. Kids love the process of drawing their own designs onto their canvas shoes because they get to be creative and have something they can call their own. Watching a child be fully absorbed in creating their own pair of personalised shoes and being free to explore the depths of their imagination is priceless. Choosing how to create your own shoes, is of course up to you, but we have a Mythical Canvas activity sheet that may give you some extra inspiration. 

#2 Canvas shoes are an easy medium for kids to customise

Every child has their own ideas, thoughts and images that they want to share with the world. They might not be able to fully communicate those through words and sentences, but they can definitely do it with their drawings. We think of our canvas shoes as an open opportunity for the many little artists of the world. So, we take care in making sure our canvas shoes are simple in design, with comfort and flexibility in mind. There’s no point in spending all that time perfecting your personalised shoes if they’re not comfortable to wear! To make sure they have everything to customise canvas shoes, fabric pens and creative stencils are included in the Mythical Canvas Plimsoll Packs. If a child really wants to express themselves further and add that extra pop to their custom shoes, you can also get extra switch straps !

#3 Kids love to use our vibrant fabric pens to customise canvas shoes

Perfect to customise canvas shoes, kids are able to unleash their imagination and bring their designs to life with the use of our vibrant, colourful fabric pens.
The pens come in a variety of colours and there is one for everyone. Whether you're a doodler or an artist, these pens will be your best friend when you customise canvas shoes. The ink is permanent, meaning that it won't smudge or wipe off. They are also great for colour layering and shading too, so you can add that extra depth. Kids can go wild and have fun, remembering that there are ‘no mistakes in art’.

#4 Designing custom shoes is a fun activity for kids to do with friends or family

Being able to customise canvas shoes is an exciting activity for kids of all ages.
They can be creative and express themselves through their designs while having fun but it’s also a great activity to enjoy with family or friends.
Spending time together, allows for everyone to connect and have some quality time. With the hustle and bustles of life, more than anything, time is what kids desire. There are many ways to create designs to customise canvas shoes:
  • Find inspiration on the internet
  • Create a design with friends or family and work on it together
  • Imitate your favourite artist
  • Base it on your dreams
It is a fun activity, but it's important to be safe and before you customise canvas shoes put down some newspaper or paper towels to protect your work surface.

#5 Designing custom shoes gives kids the opportunity to learn about drawing and painting techniques

Creativity is a skill that can't be learnt or developed without the opportunity to practice it.
Kids are more likely to be successful in life if they're allowed to explore their creative side.
Being able to customise canvas shoes, gives kids a chance to learn about drawing and painting techniques. Allowing them to create something for themselves, plus build their creativity and confidence with art.
Children have a natural ability for drawing and painting.
Unlike adults, they’re able to explore art without being discouraged by their lack of skill or understanding of the medium. Plus, they’re able to extract meaning from colours, shapes, and lines.
However, as children grow up, they lose this opportunity to explore art because they feel pressured by society to focus on one type of art form. Or they’re discouraged because they’re deemed ‘not good enough’.
Art matters for kids , and they should be encouraged to explore their creativity through many art forms.
Mythical Canvas believe these are essential skills and are crucial to a child’s development. This is why we firmly stand by our motto ‘there are no mistakes in art’.
For more inspiration head over to our Instagram. Or watch this short video as the creation of space-themed customised canvas shoes is revealed.

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