'Dreams Discoverer' art workshop

mythical canvas draw your dream workshop dreams discoverer

KS1 / KS2 (Ages 5-11)

Duration: 50mins - 1hr

Overview: Discover and explore the incredible dreams of each child in our 'Dreams Discoverer' workshop! It will include confidence boosting exercises and the discussion of there being 'no mistakes in art'. There will also be the opportunity for children to plan and customise their very own t-shirt, based on their dream, which is provided.

Includes free printable resources.

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Dreams discoverer art workshop

No Mistakes In Art

Art gives children the opportunity to experiment using their imagination. This helps them become more resilient when encountering obstacles, which then they are able to find different ways to approach problems. We believe it is important for children to understand that there are 'no mistakes in art'. Having this ethos allows them to be free with their artwork, creating designs to be proud of, which helps boost their confidence.